Coral Inn



Everything that we do is in full commitment to protecting, nurturing and maintaining the critical balance between the Coral Inn Boutique Hotel and the diverse eco-system of the Australian wildlife and its surrounding community.
Coral Inn Boutique Hotel switched over to 100% solar power during the day since mid 2016. We operate a full commercial kitchen, and 12 air-conditioned guest hotel rooms and use a solar hot water system.
25,000L worth of rain water tanks are used for the toilets and garden maintenance, to be more aligned with eco-friendly practices. We also offer bike and electric scooter rentals as an alternative to driving to reduce the carbon footprint left behind. Also on offer is charging ports for electric cars.

Organic Gardens

Around the property, you can explore and enjoy the organic gardens which provide an abundance of herbs, greens, fruits, and vegetables. Staff is always happy to share their knowledge of Australian flora and fauna with guests.

Organic Commitment

Coral Inn Boutique Hotel chooses organic produce with much of the fresh produce supplied from the gardens or local markets. This commitment helps reduce the load on our environment.


Recycling is a big part of waste disposal at Coral Inn Boutique Hotel, we sort the rubbish into their correct bins for disposal, we also have a compost for organic waste. Bottles and glass are disposed of separately at the local containers for change sorting centre.

Our sustainable approach includes the following:

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